L A T E S T   P O S T S

T h e   A r t   o f   b e i n g   l e s s   e m p t y

This may sound a little bah-humbuggy but the clichéd, vacuous claptrap masquerading as life-changing advice that people are so fond of posting does my head in.

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D i f f i c u l t  M e n

An email popped into my inbox today with the subject line The Difficult Mens Club. It was from  a long time friend and included a photograph from her 2016 family Christmas celebration. In the picture was her partner, her brother-in-law, one of her sons, her ex-husband and her father. Only one of the men is smiling.

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A   C h r i s t m a s   L u a u

The wooden hand formed in the famous Hawaiian hang loose sign sits on the formica bench in my parents’ apartment, between the kitchen and the dining room. “Hang loose!” Dad would always say when the going got tough.

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